Stock Market DJI Technical Chart – The m

Stock Market DJI Technical Chart – The marketplace always does what it does but see what to expect of this coming week…

Your Stock Week Buzz

Your Stock Week Buzz

My stock portfolio is a mess…

My stock portfolio is a mess…

Just a quick note on today’s 400 points

Just a quick note on today’s 400 points DJI swing or so, ending up at 46. As long as we can maintain above the DJI 23644. This ended day crashing down was again due to the news. A raid on President’s personal attorney! Michael Cohen

Stock Market Today The stock market is b

Stock Market Today
The stock market is been on wild swings in the last couple of weeks. Most of these swings are due to the fact of world news. This is one of the reasons why people double guess themselves but these swings are part of investing, what is not part of investing is not reacting to these stock market swings. At the same time, these swings that you see in the news (450 points up or down) are with the Dow Jones Industrial that is made up of 30 major companies. If you take a look at the stocks individually (outside of the 30) they haven’t been affected as much as we think they would, it also depends on what you are looking at and at what we see ourselves.
Anyway, let’s take a look at this week. We will use the daily, weekly and monthly chart to show different scenarios of the stock market as of this last Friday 04/06/2018 status and direction. Some analysts speak both sides of the coin, one thinks we’re directing in bullish and others say a bearish market is arriving. The only thing I can comment on these scenarios is that we here at Wealthy Portfolios we react and adjust to the marketplace.
Your MA200 (Moving Average) daily chart DJI (Dow Jones) is at 23579
Your MA50 WEEKLY chart DJI is at 23260 and your MA200 sits at 19668
Your MA21 MONTHLY chart DJI is at 22152
The MA (Moving Average) is important to know, these are the areas that markets can bounce back or take a different direction. By showing these charts in different time frames, each one of them tells you what direction it will take this week, either you are a long-term investor or a short-term investor, you got to adjust to the swing of the stock market. Sometimes, if you wait too long you have missed the entry or/and the exit point of what could it be!

Update for DBX – the chart since its IPO

Update for DBX – the chart since its IPO back on 03/23. It’s lowest price was on 03/26 at $27.75 and the highest price is at $34.37 on 03/29. It’s MA8 stands at $30.41. As we all know, the marketplace is been swinging the last few days!
Let see what happens this week…


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